Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ethical Investment - more than just a bandwagon?

As part of UCL Union EI campaign week we would like to warmly invite you to our expert panel discussion on ethical investment at the UCL economics department.

Ethical Investment - more than just a bandwagon?

The ethical investment (EI) sector has surged in recent years, with a growing number of companies clamouring to display their ethical and green credentials. Will this trend survive the economic downturn? How effective are the different EI approaches? What could UCL's future ethical investment policy look like? What difficulties arise from trying to balance ethical and commerical considerations? And how much of all this is rhetoric?

Join our expert panel for a discussion to explore these questions
We are very fortunate to have secured a distinguished panel of experts:

Sir Stephen Wall (Chair of UCL Council); John Ditchfield (Company Director, Barchester Green Investments); Jack Taylor (Ecology Building Society); Isabel Kwok (Triodos Bank); Ruth Tanner (Campaigns and Policy Director, War on Want)

Tuesday, 25 November 2008 6.15 - 8 pm
at the Drayton Ricardo Lecture Theatre, UCL Economics department

The discussion will be followed by a wine reception.

Everyone welcome but please arrive early to secure your place.

Great to meet you all !

Just quickly to say the CAAT National Gathering went really well yesterday. We went to the universities network workshop and it was really inspiring to meet all the other students who campaign for ethical investment and against their unis involvement with the arms trade all over the UK.

Thanks for coming everyone. Great to meet you all !

More on CAATs universities network here.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Clean Investment - New Shareholding Data Released for 2008

New shareholding figures for 2008 have been obtained by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) for around one hundred higher education institutions in the UK, including all Russell Group members without an Ethical Investment Policy in place and 90% of Oxbridge colleges.

Here's the arms investments data for UCL from June 2008:

£869,825 invested in Cobham plc

Total Assets Invested (all shares): £92.3m
Arms shares as % of total investments: 0.9

Click here for more info on other London colleges

UCL students will attend a universities network workshop at the CAAT National Gathering in London this Saturday. We'll meet with ethical investment campaigners from other UK universities and plan the next ethical investment action day.