Monday, 9 June 2008

Workshop on ethical investment campaigning at People and Planet summer gathering

Here's a message from UCLU People and Planet Society:

People & Planet will be holding their annual Summer Gathering between Sunday 29th June to Thursday 3rd July – four days of discussing campaigns, learning new skills, sharing experiences, and generally having fun.

On the agenda is a session on Ethical Investment. This a great chance for ethical investment campaigners up and down the country to discuss the ethical investment student network – a chance for various campaigners to meet face to face and share their ideas and hopefully successes.

We all know that the tide is turning against higher education investment in the arms trade but now is the time to capitalise on the all the recent hard ground work done by ourselves.

Obviously it would be great to have as many people & planet activists join us in the Oxfordshire countryside for the whole event, but if you can only come down for this one session, then there shouldn’t be any problems with that.

Click here for more info or e-mail us at:

TIMES HIGHER: UCL joins moves to cancel investment in arms trade

Article about UCL moving towards ethical investment in Times Higher Education !


Thursday, 5 June 2008

Meeting TODAY @ 3 pm

Come along to the last Disarm meeting for this academic year.

It will take place TODAY (Thursday, 5th June) at 3pm in the main room in the CSC (2nd floor, Bloomsbury theatre building).

We'll be planning the next steps for the campaign over the summer and for next year.

Everyone welcome !

It's been an excellent year for the Disarm UCL campaign. Highlights included Disarm UCL campaign week, two fantastic photostunts, extensive media coverage, linking up with other dedicated ethical investment campaigners at other unis and of course meeting Lord Joffe (Nelson Mandelas lawyer), who had some extremely encouraging things to say about our campaign !

We will be following the next UCL Council meeting on 18 June closely and the results of the sub committee for ethical investment, which is due to report at the meeting. Check this blog for details.

Thanks to everyone for your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity this year.

If you want to get involved next year but you can't make todays' meeting - drop us a line: and/or join us on facebook.