Thursday, 6 December 2007


The UCL council yesterday looked at the proposal for ethical investment brought forward by the Disarm UCL campaign. Download the proposal here.

I have been told that Council members were impresssed and appreciated that our proposal is serious and well written. This is in line with the impression I had when chatting to some of the Council members in the corridor prior to the meeting.

Unfortunately the UCL Council yesterday did not have the confidence to make a very clear move towards ethical investment and decided that UCL will continue investing in arms trader Cobham.

Students, staff and alumni at UCL will be back at the beginning of next year with more creative campaigning to ditch the disgraceful arms shares and we will monitor the development of an ethical investment policy closely.

For the time being: We're going to hit the Union bar tonight for Birthday drinks: The Disarm UCL campaign is one year old today !

Everyone welcome ! We'll kick off at 7 pm in Easyjays in the Union ! See you there !