Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Student Union tells UCL to ditch arms shares by 14 December

Great news:

The UCL Union Council voted tonight UNANIMOUSLY to lobby UCL to disinvest from Cobham PLC before the end of the 2007 winter term.

The amendment to an earlier ethical investment motion was brought forward by the Ethics and Environment officer of UCL Union.

NONE of the UCL Union Council members at the meeting even wanted to make a speech opposing the amendment. This is yet another prove that there is no one left at UCL who wants to stand up and defend the arms investments.

UCL Union also calls on UCL to give a formal role to students and alumni in the developmental process of an ethical investment policy and to establish this policy swiftly, with the process and timetable for designing and implementing it made clear and publicly available.

Read the full text of the motion here

We call on decision makers at UCL not to ignore the voices of students any longer ! Ditch the arms shares NOW !

Please sign and promote our online petition here