Tuesday, 27 November 2007

UCL students stage graduation ceremony from “University of War”

UCL students gathered in front of UCL Dome today dressed in
camouflage uniforms and with mortarboards on their heads. As a protest against
UCL's investment in Cobham plc – a leading arms company – they staged a spoof
graduation ceremony in which a student dressed as a general handed out diplomas
and toy guns to students.

Most UCL students approached by the campaigners knew about UCL’s arms
investments and voiced their disgust at UCL’s investment decision. Over 700
people have backed the campaign calling on UCL to ditch the shares.

Craig Griffiths, a student campaigner said:

“UCL tells us that it wants to look into investing its money ethically. Clinging
on to the arms shares calls the commitment to ethical investment into question.
Many UCL alumni have told the Provost that they will not donate to UCL as long
as the arms investment continues. UCL students are outraged. It is time to
ditch the arms shares.”