Saturday, 17 November 2007

Disarm UCL campaign week - great success !

Thanks to everyone who helped out with Disarm UCL campaign week. We really had a successful week. Our lunchtime stalls in the Union went well and we got a lot of signatures for our petition.

We also developed a proposal for ethical investment at UCL (download the proposal here) and discussed our suggestions with Lord Joffe and Edwin Glasgow, who is looking into ethical investment at UCL.

We still need to get a few more signatures for our petition to hit our target so please help us promote the online petition and get all your mates to sign it.

You can also print out a paper petition here and pass it round in your lectures. Please return signed petitions to: UCLU People and Planet Society, 2nd floor Bloomsbury Theatre (behind reception). Cheers.

Please come to our next meeting: Thursday, 22 November at 5 pm at CSC meeting room, 2nd floor Bloomsbury theatre.

At the meeting we will plan our next Disarm UCL photostunt.

Don't miss it !