Monday, 1 October 2007

Many Freshers are aware of UCLs arms investments - and oppose them !

Thanks a lot to everyone who came to speak to us at the Disarm UCL stall at Freshers Fayre. It was great to talk to so many supportive people. Many of those we spoke to were already aware of UCLs investments in arms trader Cobham PLC. It surprised us a little bit that so many Freshers and graduate students who just started to study at UCL had already heard about the arms investments. The vast majority of them were supportive of the Disarm UCL campaign. It just goes to show how damaging the arms shares are for UCLs reputation.

The next meeting of Disarm UCL will take place on Monday, 15 October. Exact time and place to be announced. Will be great to see you all then.

In the meantime: Join our facebook group and invite all your mates to join as well.