Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Union AGM woes

Thanks to everyone who came down to the UCL Union AGM, unfortunately we never got to hear our motion. Nick Barnard, the Union's Media & Communications officer explained why in an email to UCL students today.
First off, we’ll have a report on the paradoxically successful but ultimately disappointing UCLU AGM.

With around 100 people in Cruciform LT1, we are reliably informed it was the best-attended since 2004 and, with several motions sure to produce excellent debate on the agenda, things were looking good. However, during the discussion of the first motion, a request for a count to check quoracy was made.

For those of you unfamiliar, quoracy is a certain percentage of the potential membership that must attend a meeting before its decisions are outright binding. For our AGM, the quoracy is 1% of the total membership (which all of you), which works out to around 190 people. Unfortunately, the requisite numbers were not present, which meant that the meeting was forced to close.

Because the Annual Report and Audited Accounts had already been approved by the meeting, another General Meeting is not planned to be held. Instead, if the proposers wish, the motions submitted can be carried on to the next meeting of Union Council (Monday 26th February) and be voted on. All members of the Union are eligible (and indeed encouraged) to attend and be granted speaking rights.

You can still look over the motions submitted at
This means we'll probably resubmit the motion and ask people to come down again and vote on the 26 February. We'll keep you up to date on what happens.